Régine was born on the 11th october in 1951 in Saint Denis in the Paris suburds. She has studied drawning in the Art School of Marseille, Montpellier and Toulouse then she had worked for a publishing house on the illustration of fables and tales. Now she lives in the south of France and and is devoted exclusively to paintings since a score of years.

Régine has exhibited in Paris , Brussels , Singapour, Monaco, New Orleans etc. and makes regularly internationals exhibitions of primitive and naive paintings.

Régine took part in :
- International Contest of Naïve art of Morges (Swiss) 1993, 1995, 1996. It obtains the price of the public in 1995.
- Personal Exposure to Morges (Swiss) in 1995 and 1999.
- International Meeting of Naïve art of Lyon in 1996 when one of its works is selected to make the poster of the festival.
- International Meeting of Naïve art of Luzzara (Italy) in 1997.
- International Meeting of Naïve art of London (England) in 1998.
- Exhibition inShangaï (China) in 2002.
- Exhibition of the artists of Paul Saint inthe museum of Saint Paul de Vence (Cote d'Azur-France) in 2005.
- Exhibition in the festival of Naïve art of Verneuil (Normandy-France) in 2005 till 2009.
She obtained the public award in 2005.
- Exhibition in the Eboli Gallery in Madrid (Spain) in 2008.
She obtained the public award in 2008.
- Exhibition in Le Grand Palais in Paris in 2007 & 2009 durign the exhibition "Art en Capital".
- Exhibition in Katowice - Poland; Saint-Loubès - France & Macôn - France in 2009

This table has carried out the poster of the festival of Naïve art of Verneuil (2006).
Currently, its paintings are exhibited in:
- Obeniche gallery, 9 et 11 rue des logettes 14600 Honfleur (Normandie - Francia).
-Evangeline Gallery, 42 rue Carnot 13210 Saint Remy de Provence (Bouches du Rhone - France).
- La Saint Colombe Gallery 1 rue grande 06570 Saint Paul de Vence (Cote d'Azur - Francia).
- Le Temps des Arts Gallery 16 route de Megève 74210 Praz-sur-Arly (Haute-Savoie - Francia).
-Gallery Jacqueline Bricard Place de l'Eglise 84160 Lourmarin

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